How to paint water in watercolour

If you’re a fan of painting in watercolour and thinking about painting seascapes or other bodies of water, here’s the article I wrote for Painters Online recently on how I go about painting water in watercolour… I hope it helps!

Just Google “painting water” and you will see hundreds of articles, tutorials and videos on the subject, which apparently will help you to “paint water like a pro.”

So, what can I possibly add to this tricky subject? Well, what I will attempt to do here is just to say how I go about it and it certainly isn’t a definitive account of how to do it.

It’s strange having to think through how you paint a subject that you have been painting for years because it really does become second nature and you don’t think about the different stages.

Whether you paint in watercolour (as I do), oil or acrylics everyone develops their own style. Heaven knows why I had to veer towards painting highly detailed watercolours, but that’s what I do and I cannot say my painting of water in this medium is conventional at all.

In my style water certainly gives me the chance to paint relatively freely though, which can be a relief! 

Read the rest of the article and the steps I took to paint my Hastings watercolour (below) online at Painters Online – Click HERE

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