Limpsfield Chart Cricket Club

What a lovely afternoon spent at the rather picturesque Limpsfield Chart Cricket Club, where I handed over a commission to a very deserving club member, Roger Maynard, as a surprise gift in celebration of his very own platinum jubilee – 70 seasons as a player! A huge achievement.

I was commissioned to paint the pitch and clubhouse scene by the club Chairman, to be presented at the re-opening of the club, following their extensive outfield renovation project.

It was a challenge to paint as the outfield of the cricket pitch had just been completely turned over to be replaced during a huge renovation project by the club, so when taking photos of the scene, the pitch was bare earth and the trees were not in leaf!

So I relied on a number of my photos, plus photos from the club and online to piece the scene together. I aimed to portray the view of village cricket on a beautiful day in high summer and I hope that’s what I have achieved!

Prints are available. Please give me a call or email .

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